2018-11-29 A famous pattern book, a book with six embroidery pages, and a Madonna embroidery added.


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I-II007 Heinrich Kuehn, Berlin – Madonna della Seggiola

Iva shared a lot of her fabulous Berlin woolwork collection. In view of the approaching December festivities, I picked this one as first. As it turns out, Iva had already been busy on this pattern, too and she added a photo of the work in progress, as well as a link to the painting on which this pattern was based. The actual pattern is quite small, less than 100 stitches square, and might still be completed before the end of the year, if you sit down now and do nothing else for a while 🙂

I-II004 Farbige Vorlagen Heft III

A very, very rare book with six pattern pages. Handpainted, and the pattern styles are quite different from each other. As I charted them, there’s this feeling that I might actually have a copy myself, but if so I haven’t seen it for at least three years. And Iva’s scans are good, and her book is in far better condition than the one I seem to remember. Thank you, Iva!

B-YS049 Hans Sibmacher’s Stick- und Spitzen-Musterbuch 

Of course not the original – that’d be far too expensive to even think of. This is a reprint from Austria, back in the time when it still had an emperor and king, quite a while ago. The reprint is antique as well. Some of these patterns – the deer lying down, the eagle, the mermaids, St George and the dragon – are seen often on samplers and other embroideries.

The Open Library has a number of other antique model books and it is my hope to re-edit and republish them all. There are a number of reprints and recharts offered for sale on ebay, but it’s not necessary to spend money on that. I blush to admit that I even bought some myself, before I found out that the originals were available for free. In February, when the administrative stuff has been done and all our donors have received their thank-you, I will add a number of external links, where we don’t have the books themselves, but will point to the place where you can find them. It’ll save a lot of searching!

Amazon was selling copies of our books, against the copyright license and without permission.  This was brought to our attention by one of our eagle-eyed forum members. I’ve written a complaint and they will take the item down. There may be other items that are not theirs to sell, but these have to be checked one by one to make sure that our invisible watermarks are still there. In this case the matter was clear, and even though the pdf watermark had been erased, I could still prove the images were ours.

If you notice a book that looks like ours, let me know. I will have a look at it. There’s other sellers who sell their own scans and edits, and we don’t want to accuse a legitimate seller of infringement of copyright.  

The fundraising campaign for 2018 is running! And we’ve made our goal!

So far we have received USD 4125.50 in donations!

We’ve set an aim of USD 4000. If you can afford to donate a little bit, or a little bit more, please do so! We need to upgrade our site and make a mobile-friendly version, we have still lots of Workbaskets to scan and edit, and every week more patterns arrive.  Right now there’s a stack of 25 unopened boxes downstairs, 4 boxes that have still to be scanned in the living room, and stacks of books everywhere. We have volunteers helping with scanning, which of course has to be done locally, because the magazines are here. But it’s not enough. We will have to hire editing help, if we want to publish them at a decent speed.

I pay from my own purse whatever we need, while I can afford it. But I can’t keep this project afloat with only that. Fortunately our administrative help such as bookkeepers, accountants, and lawyers for the charity registrations are paid for this year and next, by the help and large donations of several donors. But if we want to keep everything free and accessible, we need your help.

Donate now to support the Antique Pattern Library project to pay for such things as database and website development, web hosting costs, data entry, scanning equipment, and help us meet the public funding ratio, which allows us to keep our nonprofit status, making your donations tax-deductible, depending on where you live and on the local tax laws and tax treaties.

Scan donations count too! They save us room (for the books) money (for the shipping price and customs duties), and time (for scanning).

And if you are an Amazon customer, you can also support us via Amazon Smile. If you click on the Amazon link before you start shopping, Amazon will set aside a little bit from their profit on what you spend and give that to us.

Donate via Paypal:


The limit of small donations is yet to be determined, we will start at USD 500. It increases if we get more small donations. That’s the limit to what you can donate per year and still have it count towards the small donations. It’s recalculated every year. If you donate more, the IRS puts your donations on the other side of the public funding ratio. So, if you were planning to donate just above the limit, give some to another organization, buy a cup of coffee and donate just the limit amount.

On the other hand, we are looking for people who can afford a one-time larger donation to support our goals for the coming year, which will cost us some money.It will help speed up our publication rate, and make more time available for the actual library work, which is sadly suffering, because we as Board members have to spend more time than we like on bookkeeping and IRS compliance and stuff like that. Necessary, but it cuts into the time we have for the Library. Your donations will help us hire help for the elementary tasks and for editing.

If you can’t afford to give anything, which also happens in these difficult times, introducing the Library to people who don’t know of it yet, is very useful, since it broadens our user base and therefore also our donor base.

Anything you donate for the Library, goes to the Library. If you don’t mind it going to cover our overhead, mark your donation to NMA General. To give you an idea of what your donation would do: USD 10 pays for our hosting costs for a month (at the moment) or an hour of administrative assistance. USD 50 allows us to take one of our RESERVE publications and release it for publication. USD 100 pays for 1TB backup for the scans and edited files. (Currently we have 5 TB data.) Larger donations in the past have paid for fast A3 scanners, website help, and hours of editing, as well as a start with putting our Library records online in a way that they will show up in professional library searches.

Thank you all, and enjoy the new and old treasures!

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