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What is a Virtual World? A virtual world is a computer-simulated three dimensional environment populated by multiple users.  Each user is usually represented by an avatar, which is usually a graphic representation of a human, a creature or robot.  The multiple users can generally communicate with each other, usually in normal voice (wearing a headset with earphones and […]

2016 APL 2016-02-11 Two new publications.

PUBLICATIONS Adding the third would have meant a delay of some days, and I want to keep to a regular schedule. If we can publish something each week, it works better than publishing a lot once every two months. Judith told me after editing this weeks first publication that there were so many letters, that […]

2016 APL 2016-02-03 Three new publications

NEWSWell, we made it into the New Year. And we made the public funding ratio limit too, thanks to many small donations, and some big ones, and a lot of ebay, etsy, and marktplaats sellers and also forum members who were willing to share images, photos and scans of their treasures. Thank you all!From the […]

2015 APL 2015-12-08 Three new publications.

First, a beaded rondel. I don’t know the style of the design, but I do rather like it. After obtaining permission from the seller, I put a bid on it (don’t tell on me, please) and it so happened that I won it. But the strange thing is, the ebay photos were much better than […]

NMA Presents today, 12/5/15 @ 3:30 PST

Avatar Repertory Theater goes to the 2015 Open Sim Community Conference! 3:30 to 3:50 pm, PST Ada Radius will present the brief keynote speech, then some of the talented A.R.T. troupe will perform scenes from Shakespeare’s “A Midsommer Nights Dream”, where a band of the poor working people of Athens rehearse and perform a play […]

NMA Presents today, 11/15/15 @ 2PM PST

Sunday November 15 from 2 to 3 PM Pacific: Avatar Repertory Theater presents, at AVATARFEST: “The Hamlet Thing,” an abbreviated but remarkably complete stroll through Elsinore, featuring all your favorites: the moody Prince, the barbarous Uncle, the lusty mum,  the rejected GF and her bombastic Dad. Murder, incest, revenge. Don’t miss it! Hypergrid address: Put […]

2015 APL Two new publications 30-09-2015

Dear me, this is getting to be a very long letter. Does anybody actually read it to the end? PUBLICATIONS This time, we start off with an old and timeworn footstool. The images are a donation of ebay seller jennysfrenchboudoir. Although the embroidery is somewhat damaged, the pattern could be reconstructed easily from those nice […]

2015 APL Three new publications 11-09-2015

After a somewhat unplanned hiatus in the publishing schedule, here we go again. Three new publications and it could have been more, but then I’d have been even later. PUBLICATIONS The first publication is the Corticelli Yarn Book no. 8. It was donated by Mary Craver, and has lain a while on the shelf, but […]