2017-12-30 Seven new publications:

Although the publications have been put on the site before the New Year, the writing of the blog post has been delayed a little – my apologies. FUNDRAISING Our fundraising brought in 4.836 USD in 2017. Thank you, thank you! That’s really close to our goal! Oopsie, I forgot to take down the green banner! […]

2017-10-20 Eight new publications. Workbasket, Filet Ancien, Royal Society crochet, Berlin woolwork, dolls clothes – something for everybody!

FUNDRAISING Our current fundraising brought in 3.687 USD this year. Thank you, thank you! The maximum small donation is 1000 USD. That is what you can give over the entire year 2017 and still have it count as small donation. Go over that and you’ll join the board members and other large donors. The Workbaskets […]

2017-10-09 Five new publications in the Antique Pattern Library. Crochet, Edwardian ladies garments, embroidery

FUNDRAISING Thanks to all the people who donated, some in huge stunning globs, some in drip-drip-drip small and faithful amounts, we have a starting position of 2.167 USD raised in funds this year. Thanks to those donations and many others, I can raise the maximum small donation to 1000 USD. That is what you can […]

2017-09-13 Embroidery patterns, crochet, our first Workbasket, lots of tapestry designs, Filet Ancien, and a stunning Berlin woolwork sampler. Fifty-four new publications in the Antique Pattern Library!

NEW FUNDRAISING EFFORT STARTING SOON Our yearly fundraiser will start next week. I just couldn’t wait another week with publications! The Workbasket project will be the focus this year. As you all may know we have permission from F+W Media to republish the Workbasket magazine and I’d like to do that faster than our usual […]

2017-08-07 Stained glass, doll clothes patterns, filet, weaving drafts, lots of cross stitch. Nine new publications in the Antique Pattern Library!

NEW PUBLICATIONS on http://www.antiquepatternlibrary.org/html/warm/news.htm            H-EU002 Zwei Muster nach alten Gebetteppichen LINK TO DETAIL PAGE LINK TO PDF This is a pattern for two prayer rugs. The pattern shows the top half of each rug and the bottom end is left to the imagination of whoever uses it. Personally I’d use the same border and leave the […]

2017-07-05 Lots of small Berlin woolwork patterns, crocheted bedjackets and slippers, traditional costumes, doll patterns, and various old and new charted designs

This time, I’m not going to talk about each publication separately. That’s because there are quite a number of them, and writing the blog post takes time. Instead, I’ll try to group them more or less by donor. NEW PUBLICATIONS on http://www.antiquepatternlibrary.org/html/warm/news.htm   D-YS112 P.G. Lom – Klederdragten en Typen van Bewoners van Nederland. LINK TO […]

2017-06-01 Venetian needlelace, very rare embroidery patterns from the Rijksmuseum, ladies magazines, crochet – Seven new publications in the Antique Pattern Library!

EXPEDITION TO A TREASURE TROVE Franciska and I have gone on expedition to the Rijksmuseum Research Library – a treasure house of books and other publications. It is several floors high, all the walls stacked with books, and stairs and walkways to provide access. At the bottom of that pit, there’s rows of tables and a […]

2017-05-11 Ornamental alphabets, filet patterns, a beadwork firescreen, a new volume in the Design Elements series, a folder with handcolored embroidery patterns from the Rijksmuseum, and a link to blackwork. Five new publications in the Antique Pattern Library!

NEW PUBLICATIONS on http://www.antiquepatternlibrary.org/html/warm/news.htm B-YS046 Ornamental Alphabets LINK TO PDF LINK TO DETAIL PAGE 51 plates of various alphabets, initials and symbols, taken from medieval and renaissance manuscripts. Advertisements for the other books on this subject, and a short introduction. C-TT006 Le Filet Ancien III LINK TO PDF LINK TO DETAIL PAGE Volume 3 from the […]

Fright Fest – editing scripts

Making a PlayScript — some notes. Most of our work so far has been aimed at turning stories into plays.  This is an interesting and instructive activity laced with moments of both hope and despair.  In the case of Poe’s “Murders in the Rue Morgue” one has to contend first with the author’s impulse to be a show […]