2015 APL : Three new publications on 2015-06-14

Before I get into the new publications, another remark first (just to make sure everybody reads it, since not everybody reaches the last paragraph. Actually, do read the last paragraph this time…) If you have a lovely item of needlework, from which a pattern could be reconstructed, you might consider taking proper pictures and let […]

2015 APL: Three new publications on 2015-06-08

This week, again three new publications. It looks like I’d best return to the two/three publications at-a-time schedule. There’s more stuff in the pipeline – let’s see if we can at least keep going at this rate. PUBLICATIONS The first on the list is an ebay donation, of antiquesandmooresales, of a very lovely beadwork panel. […]

2015 APL: Three new publications on 2014-04-28

This week, only three new publications – sorry, there have been too many other things interfering.  But they are three lovely ones, and I hope they inspire people to take up a needle and thread – or a blackboard chalk. PUBLICATIONS The first on the list is Cusack’s Blackboard Drawing. It’s a training course for […]

2015 APL: Four new publications on 2015-04-14

Only four publications this week, since there’s been some administration to catch up with. PUBLICATIONS The first one is an ebay image donation of ebay seller cotswoldcats, a lovely length of embroidery for an unknown purpose, and its charted design.

2015 Notes on aging

National Center for Creative Aging Wisdom Seeker (SL) Ok–First, the Ageless Mind Project has just officially become a 501c3. We are going to be working with the National Center for Creative Aging on their new Caregivers Initiative. We want to bring it into SL. If you are interested in participating, contact me, [09:54] Wisdomseeker: Second, […]

2015 APL: Eight new publications on 2015-04-07

Another eight publications this weekAnd drat, I forgot the rice paper flowers! That’s for next time. Judith pointed out to me that my administrative backlog is worse than the publication backlog, so next time will have less publications than this one – but they will all get done (eventually). First, a bit of a riddle […]

A Night at the Virtual Theater

We had ourselves a time last night, we did.It started rough. I get to the theater an hour before curtain, Sam is there, we’re rezzing our avatars and costumes into the sim, I’m checking the set. Then I try to use my microphone. Nothin. I didn’t panic, at first. I hear Sam fine, he can’t […]

Avatar Repertory Theater Presents Iain McCracken’s “Throw Back the Rocket Man” @ 5PM PDT

http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Cookie/216/215/24Sets, costumes and props by Aley, adapted by Judith Adele (Ada Radius iSL).“You have one thing to do. Make that monster leave, and make him take his abomination with him.”By special permission of the author, our own Iain McCracken (Sodovan Torok iSL) we have adapted his hard sci-fi novella from the collection “Dreams and Snippets”, […]

2015 SHUTIN: A sobering experience, even for a teetotaler.

Originally posted by Thinkerer Selby Evans Reposted Archive by Admin Article Author: Sytske There was this question, what use is the Antique Pattern Library? We, New Media Arts, have our charitable purpose, where it’s worded to perfection of course, but what about the actual good it is? How do people profit from having that resource […]

Thoughts on Robert Frost, casting his dramas

It’s a familiar fact that in theater, roles written for men outnumber roles written for women. By a ratio of 2:1.*Avatar Repertory Theater, in its six year history of producing live, virtual theater, has usually counted in its roster about equal numbers of male and female voice actors. We’ve filled our character lists by casting […]