Virtual Nonprofits – Nuts and Bolts – storing company emails

In a previous blog I wrote about setting up a company CC gmail account, using filters to forward to multiple participants. Every board member adds it to the CC line on company emails, so every board member gets a copy of everything and we have a record of most company communications. We experienced overwhelming “TMI” […]

The Virtual NonProfit – State filings

by Ada Radius May 6, 2016This is Part III of an open-ended series on running a virtual nonprofit, the Nuts and Bolts. New Media Arts is a very small U.S. nonprofit corporation, tax exempt under IRC 501(c)(3). We’re a library and arts organization that has no physical offices. Our services are available all over the […]

Virtual Nonprofit – Nuts & Bolts – Preventing Fraud

by Ada RadiusApril 14, 2016This is part II of an open-ended series on running a virtual nonprofit. Nuts and bolts. It’s not the fun creative stuff, but if you don’t get it right your nonprofit can’t grow, or will die. All of the board members should have a working knowledge of nuts and bolts – […]

Virtual Nonprofits – Nuts and Bolts – Forwarding to Multiple Recipients in Gmail.

by Ada RadiusApril 7, 2016 This is an open-ended series to share things we’ve discovered about running a 501(c)(3) nonprofit that operates entirely online and in virtual worlds.One of New Media Arts’ challenges is online communications. We have six board members, who, in a nonprofit, are the bosses – legally and personally responsible for the […]