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Exploratory project by NMA:  Future of Open-Source Virtual Worlds

NMA has approved $1000 for a project to  organize a group that will prepare credible plans for the future of open-source virtual worlds as they expand to serve a much wider audience. Such plans would form the basis for an effort to get nonprofit funds to support more rapid development of open source virtual worlds.

Plans might include 

  • Needs for better ease of access
  • Adequate documentation and backup
  • Better management of physics issues
  • Improved security
  • Managing the Halcyon fork.

The problem: The development of open-source virtual worlds is limited by the number of developers working on OpenSimulator. The development path is forking with the advent of Halcyon. The community of users is unorganized and has little influence on the direction of development. NMA is interested in supporting the more rapid and organized development of open-source virtual worlds, but it cannot do so without an organized plan supported by the community of users.

The proposed solution: Our ad-hoc group is seeking to organize a group of community members willing and able to represent all interested stakeholders in the community and also able to make sound technical judgments about what can be accomplished within a reasonable time and budget.  To support that organization effort, NMA is asking volunteers to respond to to the following capabilities list.

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