Antique Pattern Library General info about pdfs

General info about the pdfs, which may not need repeating often

You need no password for opening.

Anybody who gets a password-required-error, upgrade your Adobe reader first, since that's the most frequent cause of problems. Then, please read the instructions at the top of the Catalog page. After upgrading the Adobe Reader, saving to disk, etc., see if it still doesn't work, then send me an email?

If, and only if, you try to open the pdfs in an application that allows editing, you'll see the password request in earnest. We don't open our pdfs for editing, since this makes ripping them off too easy. Now any image thief has to do a sizeable amount of work or spend a sizeable amount of money to steal them. It still will happen, but let's not make it too easy.

The iPad/iPhone problem has been solved, see the messages in the forum. The trick is not just to open the file, but to open it with Adobe. I'm still looking for an iPad that I can take photographs of what is actually done.
The Linux users still have their problems, with no solution in sight yet, much to our regret, as we do like open-source. Anybody with a solution is welcome to let us all know. If and when Adobe has a reader working on Linux for the new pdf's, we'll let you know. Anybody who has the news before us, let us know.

For the Linux users for whom the new pdfs are not of use, I put up a separate news page ( on which only the publications are listed that have detail pages. I might mention that the reward offered for the Linux solution is still on offer: find a solution and you'll get a nice antique publication from our duplicates.

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