2022-08-11 New Publication: Sajou – 91538 Flower Basket

NEW PUBLICATION F-IS017 Sajou – 91538 Flower Basket Handpainted Berlin woolwork embroidery pattern on cream cardboard. Design 97 by 118 stitches. Basket with two rings as handles, filled with roses, forget-me-nots and other flowers. Scans donated by Jackie Isler, from the collection of her grandmother Helen Balmat Gorman. Edited and charted by Sytske Wijnsma. FUNDRAISING […]

2019-08-25 Dickens’ American Notes, a Workbasket, and a plushwork rose

NEW PUBLICATIONS Go to https://www.antiquepatternlibrary.org to see the new publications. J-FW001 Dickens – American Notes / Pictures from Italy Illustrations from the Household Edition of two Charles Dickens’ travelogues, excellent for theater and costume research. These two were completed 1842 and 1846, respectively. From the collection of Frans Wijnsma, scanned by Seya Wijnsma-Spek, edited by Judith Adele […]

2019-07-25 Workbasket, Il Punto Filet Album 2, and an IHS motif for a prayer chair.

NEW PUBLICATIONS Go to https://www.antiquepatternlibrary.org to see the new publications.     H-ML032 The Workbasket Volume 3 No. 9 8 pages, page 4 and 5 combined. Quilting: Triple Sunflower Quilt. Lapel charms made of yarn, Crochet: Popcorn Bedspread. Scans donated by M. Leigh Martin, edited by Sytske Wijnsma. Published with permission of F+W Media.   G-II005 Adele […]

2018-11-18 A Workbasket, whitework patterns, and two cross-stitch patterns added

NEW PUBLICATIONS Go to http://www.antiquepatternlibrary.org to see the new publications.            H-RM037 Portman No. L H-ML024 Workbasket Vol. 2 No. 11 H-FR116 La Brodeuse  H-GG001 Green and cream diamond design The ten whitework motifs and one double edge design are from an old, old sheet, that looks either etched or handdrawn. It’s in the […]