About Us

The Queen of Hearts' skirt

New Media Arts, Inc. is a not-for-profit organization seeking to encourage and facilitate the production and enjoyment of the arts that are made possible by digital production and dissemination.

Our mission is to develop graphical, theatrical, literary, educational, library and other fine and practical arts on the internet, in 3D graphical user interfaces, multimedia, new generation computing devices, and other electronic and digital communication media. Our current projects are: The Antique Pattern Library, Avatar Repertory Theater, and Avatar Media Productions.

After a few years as an informal volunteers' organization, New Media Arts Inc. was incorporated in 2010, to put some formal footing under the projects running at that time, and to help with starting others. Although the projects are separate, there are touching points between all of them.

Avatar Repertory Theatre produces plays in the virtual worlds, where costuming, props, actor incarnations and sets can be all a writer or producer could ever imagine or want, while the actors themselves can participate not limited by their gender, race, size, or geographical location. Think what Alice in Wonderland would look like in this setting - better yet, see how it did look on the project page.

Antique Pattern Library is a library of public domain craft publications and patterns, helping ancient crafts survive and allowing everybody, regardless of money, to share in the rich heritage of patterns our ancestors left us. It provides inspiration and tutorials, patterns and philosopies. Much work goes into making the sources useful for crafters, and as a result this maker's library is appreciated and used worldwide.

What Others Are Saying

Lots of lovely down­load­able patterns that are now out of copyright.

Whip Up

The whole idea is to help keep this art form alive. Not for someone to make money on.


This talented group of actors, directors, designers and writers have come to­gether from all the corners of the world to dream and per­form and explore this ancient art of story­telling.

Liminal State

...creates the ambiance of "post World War II London blitz post-apocalyptic grunge" quite well, in the way a real life stage could not.

The Click Heard Around The World