Avatar Repertory Theater

Live Theater on the Virtual Stage.

Avatar Repertory Theater (ART) is a virtual reality theater troupe of about 20 performers with high skill levels in theater arts, graphics, music, programming and sound engineering, who produce live immersive theater on virtual reality platforms and streamed online. Our objectives are to bring traditional stagecraft into new technologies and introduce traditional theater to new audiences. We perform, for the most part, as voiceover actors in avatar visual form, and our productions are experienced by audience who are themselves in avatars form, and can be virtually immersed into the theatrical experience. Much of the technology is in continuous development, and we are researching and experimenting to add to the technological and artistic possibilities of this new medium.

The main website is at www.avatarrepertorytheater.org.

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Your kind and generous donation for Avatar Repertory Theater will be used to pay actors, artists, musicians, sound engineers, special effects programmers (scripters), directors, video editors and all the other amazing creatives on our team.

New Media Arts Inc is a nonprofit organization tax exempt under IRC 501(c)(3). We greatly appreciate your donations, which may be tax deductible depending on your country and your tax situation.

Join Us >> On the Stage or in the Audience!

This unique project provides actors and theater production talent the opportunity to participate in classic and contemporary live performances. It doesn't matter where you are in the world, as long as you have a computer capable of joining us in the virtual world (and can accommodate the virtual world time zones!) you can participate in these incredible experiences. To talk with someone about your interest or skill set, please visit the dedicated website, http://avatarrepertorytheater.org, Auditions Page and use the provided form to contact the proper department.

If you love live theater, but don't find yourself with season tickets, you can still get your live theater fix! Join us online as actors all over the world, come together in a virtual environment, for your entertainment. Check out our calendar to find out the date of our next performance, and don't forget to sign up for our newsletter while you are there to get performance notices! New Media Arts Calendar

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