Arcadia Asylum

Arcadia Asylum and her many alts created an astonishing collection of interactive artworks and worlds from 2006 to 2014. In the normal course of events this body of work would slowly fade into the inventory of Second Life and be lost forever. Arcadia never had an account in OpenSim but gave us permission to bring her stuff out here. Many different people have worked tirelessly to bring these gems out of SL and you can find them all over the OpenSim Metaverse. Ada Radius is gathering and cataloging the works of Arcadia. She is returning to Second Life to find missing items, old pictures of installations to help set things up the way The Artist intended. Kayaker Magic has set up a small grid to hold this large collection of Her work. The non-profit New Media Arts is funding this project to make sure it survives for future generations. This grid will have accounts with Her name(s) so that every item lists Arcadia Asylum (or her other alts) as the right and true Creator. Come visit, marvel at the creativity, learn from the genius and volunteer on restoration projects.


Link to the project website: