2022-08-07 New Publication: Vlaanderen – Illustrated Proverbs

NEW PUBLICATION K-FW001 André Vlaanderen – Spreekwoorden in beeld Softcover stapled, 16 pages not counting covers and blotting paper pages. Calendar of the year 1927, printed in black and red. January starts on a Saturday. Each page illustrates one or more proverbs, even the advertisement pages. Actually two calendars, one a birthday calendar intended to […]

2022-07-31 New Publication: Blueprint filet crochet motif womans head

NEW PUBLICATION F-IS007 Blueprint crochet medallion Small crocheted square motif, filet crochet, a medallion showing the head of a woman, rotated 45 degrees. Printed as blueprint from an actual crocheted original. Scans donated by Jackie Isler, from the collection of her grandmother Helen Balmat Gorman. FUNDRAISING Donate  to support the Antique Pattern Library project to […]

2022-07-25 New Publication: Heinrich Kuehn – Album No. 176

NEW PUBLICATION M-SB003 Heinrich Kuehn – Album No. 176 Small leporello, 10 pages not including cover, in bad condition. Handpainted patterns, borders and corners of floral designs. Reverse of pages contain printed monochrome patterns common to these booklets. Scans donated by Sandra Bejster, edited and charted by Sytske Wijnsma. FUNDRAISING Donate  to support the Antique […]

2022-07-20 New Publication: Star Book 35 – Hats and Bags and Beanies

NEW PUBLICATION M-TK003 Star Book 35 – Hats and Bags and Beanies 24 pages including covers, softcover. All kinds of head-covers, inspired by various famous paintings. Beret, snood, headband, pillbox, even a Flemish drape. Several matching bags are included. From the collection of Tina Kaczanowski, scanned by Sandra Bejster, edited by Sytske Wijnsma.   FUNDRAISING […]

2022-07-19 New Publication: Rouyer Album 360 Punched Paper Cards

NEW PUBLICATION M-II001 Rouyer – Dessins pour Canevas-Papier Bristol No. 360 Small leporello, 8 pages not including covers. Designs for punched-paper cards with cut-out borders, each pattern with a name and a flower bouquet. The designs are not meant for cross-stitch embroidery, but could be embroidered with significant loss of detail. Scans donated by Iva […]

2022-07-18 New Publication: Little Girl’s Cooking Book

NEW PUBLICATION D-YS069 Flora Klickmann – Little Girl’s Cooking Book Small hardcover, 68 pages excluding covers, colofon and title pages. Contains receipes and an extensive explanation of the methods of working and the reasoning behind it. The author addresses the reader directly. Apple tarts, cakes, making lemonade, trifle, plum pudding, boiling fish and eggs and […]

2022-04-29 New Publication: Turkish Tapestry Pattern

NEW PUBLICATION M-YS002 Turkish Tapestry Pattern Small square pattern (99×99 stitches) reconstructed from the tapestry on the loom model (M-YS001). Center part filled in as best fit. Charted by Sytske Wijnsma.   FUNDRAISING Donate  to support the Antique Pattern Library project to pay for such things as database and website development, web hosting costs, data […]

2022-04-23 New Publication: T.E. Parker – Knitting and Crocheting

NEW PUBLICATION M-TK001 T.E. Parker – Knitting and Crocheting Small book, 8 pages of advertisements , 16 pages of knitting and crochet patterns, followed by another 8 pages of advertisements and example pages of other books. Knitting: Shoulder shawl, Child’s knit leggings, Lady’s fancy wrister, Lady’s mitten, Child’s skirt, Infant’s Shetland wool vest. Crochet: Boy’s […]