About Us


We are a non-profit organization who work to preserve our cultural heritages in new media platforms, and support, develop and preserve new media arts and artists.

After a few years as several informal volunteers’ groups, New Media Arts incorporated in 2010 to put some formal footing under the projects running at that time, and to help with starting new ones. Although the projects are separate, there are touching points and overlap among all of them. We are nonprofit, tax exempt under IRC 501(c)(3).

Avatar Repertory Theater produces plays and videos in virtual worlds, where costuming, props, actor representations and sets are all digital and virtual – live animation. It can be all a writer or producer could ever imagine or want, while the actors themselves can participate not limited by their gender, race, size, age, health or geographical location.

Antique Pattern Library is a library of public domain craft publications and patterns, helping ancient crafts survive and allowing everybody, regardless of money, to share in the rich heritage of patterns our ancestors left us. It provides inspiration and tutorials, patterns and philosophies. Much work goes into making the sources useful for crafters, and as a result this maker’s library is appreciated and used worldwide.

Cookie II is a more recent project, a virtual world in the OpenSim hypergrid, where we host virtual world theater and other performance, social and resource spaces. The activities there range from resources and help for people new to virtual worlds, to technical presentation and discussions of virtual world modeling, texturing and programming ideas.

New Viewer Avatar is a project in the Open Sim community grids. This is a library of models, data, and code for viewer avatars.

Perceptual Hash is a project is also in the Open Sim community grids.  This is an algorithm that helps the tech behind the scenes in the virtual environments.