• Community Virtual Library
    Community Virtual Library
    A Real Library in a Virtual World
  • Avatar Repertory Theater
    Avatar Repertory Theater
    Live Theater in the Virtual World.
  • Antique Pattern Library
    Antique Pattern Library
    Preserving Artistic Heritage. Creating Digital Heritage.
  • Have A.R.T. Will Travel
    Have A.R.T. Will Travel
    Educational Project in Process.
  • Cookie II on Kitely®
    Cookie II on Kitely®
    Building Communities in Virtual Worlds
  • Machinima
    Bringing Scripts to Digital Life
  • New Media Arts
    New Media Arts
    Preserving the Old Advancing the New

Come on in to the world of virtual stage and screen.

Have A.R.T. Will Travel Guide
FREE and EASY 5 Step instructions on how to get started