2019-08-05 A rose tree embroidery pattern, a Workbasket, and Conovers Making Dresses

NEW PUBLICATIONS Go to https://www.antiquepatternlibrary.org to see the new publications. I-BH003 Corner embroidery with potted rose trees, purple ribbons, red flowers A corner design with potted rose trees, connected with a red flower guirlande and purple ribbons. Probably from one of the embroidery albums of Heinrich Kuehn, Berlin. Images donated by ebay seller birdsinhand, thank you! Charted […]

2018-11-11 The Weaving Board, a corner embroidery design, and A Tale of Two Cities added

NEW PUBLICATIONS Go to http://www.antiquepatternlibrary.org to see the new publications.          H-WS010 Dickens – A Tale of Two Cities (illustrations only) C-YS066 Hooper – The Weaving Board I-BH002 Corner with roses and blue ribbons Finally, the scans of the first book of Weaving with Small Appliances surfaced – among 10 TB of scans it’s […]