2023-10-15 Eighteen new publications

NEW PUBLICATIONS N-YS008 N. Alexandre & Cie. – Album de Broderie Danubienne 54 Small leporello with cross-stitch patterns in three colors. One alphabet, several border designs, a corner design saying Eggs and another saying Chestnuts, and a dragon motif. Seven pages instead of the usual eight. Some errors in the charts have been corrected. Donated, […]

2021-08-05 New Publication: Heinrich Kuehn 965 Moderne Stickvorlagen

NEW PUBLICATION Go to https://www.antiquepatternlibrary.org to see the new publication. L-EL001 HKB 965 Moderne Stickvorlagen Small leporello. 10 pages, front a 2-colored design 60×40, back a blue alphabet and small motifs design 120×80. Scans donated by Enzo Limo, edited and charted by Sytske Wijnsma.   FUNDRAISING Donate now to support the Antique Pattern Library project to pay […]