2015 APL: Eight new publications on 2015-04-07

Another eight publications this week

And drat, I forgot the rice paper flowers! That's for next time. Judith pointed out to me that my administrative backlog is worse than the publication backlog, so next time will have less publications than this one - but they will all get done (eventually).

First, a bit of a riddle concerning the title. There is a number on the cover, but I can only read the first two digits. Anybody who recognizes the patterns or otherwise can tell me what the proper number should be, I'm happy to hear from you!

The second publication has had a long run-up. Judith King donated the scans for a booklet of transfers, more than a hundred pages. They have been edited now, and Patricia Voss has shown me far better images still, but the resulting pdf is really big (some 100 Mb) and it needs watermarking still (and will get even bigger) so I have not put that one online yet.

We might eventually include it on a CD or something like that. For now, the detail images are online and I hope everybody enjoys them as much as I did.

The third is a stained-glass book, with actually only leaded glass patterns in it, and not the painted glass we usually consider "stained". Since that's another hobby of mine (though I don't have much time for it lately) there's some patterns there that I myself would not try in glass. But they might suit very well for patchwork. There's a building in Amsterdam, the Beurs, that has windows that might have been straight out of this pattern book. I was there for a conference last summer, and photographed all the windows that I could get to. I'll probably publish the photographs later, when I've had a chance of editing them.


The fourth is one of Marleens patterns, charted and since it's a quarter pattern, with an extra illustration to show the complete pattern. I've had to guess a little bit on the corners, since the pattern looks a bit strange with the points snipped off, as they are in the original pattern.

Fifth, a special request, one of Flora Klickmanns books, "The Cult of the Needle". I saw some illustrations of workboxes and tools that now sell on ebay for hundreds of dollars. Plus many techniques, even knotting with a lucet and another type of knotting that I don't know the current English name for.

Sixth, a Sajou booklet with alphabets in cross stitch. These are not meant for just marking a little handkerchief in a corner, some of them would cover the entire handkerchief. They'd look great on personalized items, so if you want to give someone a nice hand-embroidered T-shirt or something like that, these might be worth looking at.

Seventh, the Sajou cherries. Mark Bolhoeve sold me my current scanner, and was so kind to do the testing with embroidery patterns, thereby assuring me of scanner quality and beautiful donations in one fell swoop.

The last one is a pattern off ebay, from joan10605. Her grandmother had a sewing/embroidery studio which must have done some fabulous work, judging from the materials that were left. If you are interested in antique embroidery stuff, have a look at her shop, she's selling things off bit by bit and they really are worth putting on your watch list.

In addition to this, detail pages have been added to some 10 existing publications, I haven't counted them exactly.

So, have a look at the new items and I hope you enjoy them as much as I do, as well as find good uses for them. Again, the donation page has not been updated, but let me assure you the donate button works well 😉

Best wishes,

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