2015 APL: Three new publications on 2014-04-28

This week, only three new publications - sorry, there have been too many other things interfering.  But they are three lovely ones, and I hope they inspire people to take up a needle and thread - or a blackboard chalk.


The first on the list is Cusack's Blackboard Drawing. It's a training course for elementary school teachers, helping them how to illustrate and explain by drawing on the blackboard. Of course, a blackboard is not required nowadays. Drawing is drawing, no matter the medium.The lessons here go far beyond the basics. This book is from my own collection. We have another book, Cusack's Freehand Ornament, but that one has not been edited yet. If you like this one, there's more to come.

The second is the last Sajou fruit chart: the grapes. The scan was donated by Mark Bolhoeve, the chart made by Franciska Ruessink. I really like the brownish outline that gives the illusion of light shining through the grapes. I wouldn't have thought of it myself. The designers who worked for Sajou really knew their craft - the design is timeless.

The third is an overview of architectural styles, with 10 plates illustrating the main points. Although it is in German, the illustrations speak for themselves. That is from my collection as well.

There might be another set of publications next week if no emergencies interfere. After that, it'll be the end of May before the next set.

In the meantime, enjoy this set, and look through our catalog for any other treasures that you did not notice yet. There'll be more. Many more.

Best wishes,

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