2015 APL: Three new publications on 2015-07-06

Reminder: If you have a lovely item of needlework, from which a pattern could be reconstructed, you might consider taking proper pictures and let us have them, with permission to publish. That's what I'm asking of ebay sellers who have an item that's too expensive for us (or just too big to ship, like a chair) and whose photographs are of suitable quality. Quite a number of them give permission, and we owe them many lovely items.


The first one is Milroys Church Lace. I should have done a little bit more research on this one, because although it's a lovely book, it is available elsewhere as well and I might have spent my time better on another book. Next time, I'll just add the external links and continue to the next book.

The second is Embellished Purses from Sommerards Les Arts aux Moyen-Age.
The image was donated by ebay seller tuscanybooks. The three purses are of the same model, and I assume the top of the triangle is the flap with which they close. I haven't seen a purse like that yet in illustrations from medieval books, but there's a lot of things still to edit and who knows what we'll find.

Anybody who has seen a purse like these in a museum, let me know? I have no idea of the proper size, either - it could be a small money bag or a shopping bag sized item.

The third is the promised beaded necklace. These images were donated by ebay seller newenglandestates. I had thought of adding the Penelope scan, but unfortunately I can't find it. The computer is so slow that the work of classifying scans made so far is a job on its own. Lovely beadwork! There are several others on ebay, but I can't find the links just now, so you'll have to look on your own.

Enjoy these new items!

Best wishes,

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