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Chair seat needlepoint pattern “Gothic Flair”

There must be lots of chairs with a stripe across the back and the seat. This chair seat is one of them, images donated by ebay seller loodylady and charted by Linda Walker. (On a Mac, no less…) It shows how you can upholster a chair with a lovely bit of embroidery without having to embroider every single inch of the chair. I went the next day to the second hand shop looking for vintage bell pulls with a nice repeating pattern – no luck, more’s the pity. We have lots of border patterns that are clearly meant for a horizontal stripe, probably for table cloths and such. But I always wondered why the vertical stripes were at all popular. There’s a limit to the number of bell pulls that can be used in a victorian mansion, I’d think – never thinking of these chair seats. More to follow! And the original item is still on sale on ebay, last I looked…



Slipper in black with red and gold (and flowers)

The New Zealand collection is coming along nicely, every week another pattern and maybe more. This is another slipper top, with nice curls and flowers. I’ve seen the pattern is for sale on Pinterest as well, except that one was not charted so carefully, because the red parts should be striped and they were not. So here we have the original, little stripes all in place, superior quality, and all for free. Thank you, Victoria Leachman and all the nice people in New Zealand!



Maywood 7468 Crocheted Tablecloths and Luncheon Sets

Here’s where you see the effect of the fundraiser. We’re doing so well that we can afford to hire help for the editing of crochet leaflets and it’s going like a train! I’d love to put up all eight booklets at once, but then you’d have nothing until the remaining ones had been scanned. So, one a week should keep the crocheters off the street. Especially since this is tablecloths patterns, and I think one tablecloth will be far more work than ten doilies – or  am I mistaken? This booklet was donated by Glenda Hicks,  as was the one published last week (sorry Glenda, forgot to mention it) and edited by Yvonne DeBandi, who has managed to do it faster than I could, even after years of experience. That’s what they mean when they say “expert”.



Franges Anciennes

Iva Innocenti’s collection contains some very rare gems, and this is one of them. I did not even know it existed until she sent me the scans. And the author is Odette du Puigaudeau, the lady who went to live in the desert. She wrote these books when she was in her early twenties, or even earlier – truly multi-talented. Thank you, Iva! You’ll see more of yours appear soon! And you ladies and gentlemen who have a lamp that might benefit from a beautiful fringe, look no further – there’s a hundred fringes in various techniques and you’ll find something here for certain.



Antique handcolored engraving ca 1850 Dog at a lake

This scan was donated by ebay seller dacopy, from Germany. Thank you! I don’t know the breed of dog, but wouldn’t be surprised if it was some kind of hunting dog. That attitude with which he pursues the duck into the water, makes me think of a more-than-canine interest. The pattern itself is not even very big, making it suitable for people who can’t spend like Penelope ten years on a wall hanging (me, for instance). It’s published by L.W.Wittich, and has a low number, so it might be quite early.

Fundraising now! Goal: 6000 USD!




Of course, we can’t expect every week a whopper like last week! But with this week’s donations, we are doing well – I love that downward trend 😉



Donate now to support the Antique Pattern Library project to pay for such things as database and website development, web hosting costs, data entry, scanning equipment, and help us meet the public funding ratio, which allows us to keep our nonprofit status, making your donations tax-deductible, depending on where you live and on the local tax laws and tax treaties.

Scan donations count too! They save us room (for the books) money (for the shipping price and customs duties), and time (for scanning).And if you are an Amazon customer, you can also support us via Amazon Smile. If you click on the Amazon link before you start shopping, Amazon will set aside a little bit from their profit on what you spend and give that to us.

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On the other hand, we are looking for people who can afford a one-time larger donation to support our goals for the coming year, which will cost us some money.It will help speed up our publication rate, and make more time available for the actual library work, which is sadly suffering, because we as Board members have to spend more time than we like on bookkeeping and IRS compliance and stuff like that. Necessary, but it cuts into the time we have for the Library. Your donations will help us hire help for the elementary tasks and for editing.

If you can’t afford to give anything, which also happens in these difficult times, introducing the Library to people who don’t know of it yet, is very useful, since it broadens our user base and therefore our donor base.

Anything you donate for the Library, goes to the Library. The donations of the larger donors are far more than enough to cover our overhead, so what you give, goes straight to Library improvement. To give you an idea of what your donation would do: USD 10 pays for our hosting costs for a month (at the moment) or an hour of administrative assistance. USD 40 pays for an hour of graphical editing. USD 50 allows us to take one of our RESERVE publications and release it for publication. USD 100 pays for 1TB backup for the scans and edited files. (Currently we have 5 TB data.) Larger donations in the past have paid for fast A3 scanners, website help, and hours of editing, as well as a start with putting our Library records online in a way that they will show up in professional library searches.

FYI, the books we buy are paid out of our private purses, which are not exceedingly well-filled but currently still up to that task.

Thank you!!!

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