2017-07-05 Lots of small Berlin woolwork patterns, crocheted bedjackets and slippers, traditional costumes, doll patterns, and various old and new charted designs

This time, I’m not going to talk about each publication separately. That’s because there are quite a number of them, and writing the blog post takes time. Instead, I’ll try to group them more or less by donor.

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D-YS112 P.G. Lom – Klederdragten en Typen van Bewoners van Nederland.


This is a very small leporello, with only the front cover. It features the traditonal costumes of the Netherlands, with the focus on the headdresses of the women. There’s a very touching image included, two young orphans of the Citizens Orphanage of Amsterdam, walking hand in hand, both in the black-and-red official orphanage costume. There are more images of children in this costume in other publications, which will eventually be scanned and added. Red and black (and three white crosses) are on the coat of arms of Amsterdam.

B-TT002 Le Filet Ancien VII


For the filet lovers, Filet Ancien number 7! No further introduction needed. Franciska has outdone herself in charting the little tiny patterns from the four last pages.

G-KR004 Bedjackets and slippers


For the crochet lovers, bedjackets and slippers. This was a donation of Kathryn Roloff, edited by Yvonne DeBandi.

C-YS701.4 Agnes Lucas, Puppenmutterchens Nahschule


The final doll pattern from our series of eight. I might mention here that since scanning and editing these, more have come into our hands. Expect other patterns in due time!




D-YS051 to D-YS059 Berlin woolwork

Find them all on the News page!

My former colleagues have made a magnificent donation of a stack of Berlin woolwork scans, back when I left my job to enjoy my pension. There were quite a number of people involved and as they have not written down who donated what, I have assigned the items at random. The boy with the red jacket has been published in an earlier version; this time the chart has been included.

And since they have been as busy as bees, more publications from that source will follow.


D-CK002 to D-CK004 and H-CK001

Find these all on the News Page!

Then a by no means complete set of Claudia. I will publish her drawings and charts as we get them ready, so they will be added in between publication rounds. That is because there is such a body of work that if I mentioned each individual item, we’d talk about nothing else.

Claudia donated also some Berlin woolwork scans, and original designs. Not all has been recharted with PC Stitch, but again, everything from the North will be published as we get it ready. The German sampler is a beauty.

E-AL005 Hertz & Wegener Roses and Morning glories


Another one of the collection of  Ann Lawrence. A lovely bouquet.



H-CH001 Wittich 737, floral border motif


And this one is from the Cooper Hewitt collection. It’s fairly well known, at least I saw it before, more than once, but now we have a non-Pinterest non-Russian,  official source for the image together with the permission to republish it.



For the next section, we exclude Pennsylvania residents. We did not manage to file for permission to broadcast pleas for donation with the Pennsylvania authorities, and therefore we don’t have the right to ask those who live in Pennsylvania for donations.

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