2020-03-28 Two publications: a Workbasket and an embroidery pattern


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I-BH004 Flower basket in blue ribbons

Single sheet handpainted pattern, showing a flower basket suspended on blue ribbons, and a guirlande of straw colored flowers under that. Probably meant as half design for a towel or table cover. Grid has the size usually employed by Heinrich Kuehn. Image of original pattern donated by ebay seller birdsinhand, charted by Sytske Wijnsma.

H-ML085 The Workbasket Vol. 8 No. 7

8 pages, page 4 and 5 combined to one. Crochet: Waterlily Afghan, Flower Medallion. Quilting: Diamond Beauty Quilt. Woolwork: yarn flowers.
Scans donated by M. Leigh Martin, edited by Sytske Wijnsma. Published with kind permission of F+W Media, the current copyright holder.



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