2020-05-20 New Publications: a Workbasket, Il Punto Filet 4, a Minerva knitting booklet and a rabbit to embroider

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K-II008 Della Porta – Il Punto Filet 4
36 pages, some joined to one. Filet and embroidery on net, photographed and charted. Curtains, tablecloths, baskets, bags, lampshades, pillow covers. Some religious patterns.
Scans donated by Iva Innocenti, edited by Sytske Wijnsma.

J-PA110 Minerva 56 – Karakurl Styles
12 pages, stapled. Seven knitting patterns.12 pages, stapled. Seven knitting patterns.Karakul is probably named after a breed of sheep, of which the lambs have a very curly black wool. This book does not require the slaughter of innocents, just a pair of knitting needles and lots of Minerva wool.
From the collection of Iva Rose, donated by Peggy April, scanned by Tamara Tiekstra, edited by Sytske Wijnsma.

J-II005 Heinrich Kuehn – Rabbit
Small unnumbered single sheet, probably once part of a leporello. The design shows a single rabbit on a small green background.
Scan donated by Iva Innocenti, charted and edited by Sytske Wijnsma.

H-ML092 The Workbasket Vol. 9 No. 2
8 pages, 4 and 5 combined to one. Crocheted bunny toy or doorstep, quilt of many ties, crocheted plume necklace, crocheted spiral necklace, knitted chair set.
Scans donated by M. Leigh Martin, edited by Sytske Wijnsma. Published with kind permission of F+W Media, the current copyright holder.


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