2022-12-06 New Publication: Eight traditional German maxims


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M-DK001 Eight traditional German maxims
Eight single sheets, probably from one booklet, printed in red and green on a green grid. Each has a traditional maxim, about food (give us today our daily bread, clean kitchen and good wine cellar means a tasty meal, a happy face is the best dish, drink and eat and do not forget God), about the clean linens (grown in sun and wind and bleached on green grass it lies now in the locker as pride for the German housewife), about the house (sweet home is happiness only), about patience (do not hurry, good things will wait), and about work (work is an ornament to people – blessing is the reward of effort). Some damage to the bottom of a few patterns, but missing parts have been reconstructed.
Image donated by ebay seller Doris Klapp, edited and charted by Sytske Wijnsma.

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