2023-08-29 New Publications: A small Alexandre leporello, handknits in nylon, and a very simple embroidery design


M-II004 Alexandre – Broderies No. 47
Small leporello with four designs for flat stitch embroideries, projected on a grid but clearly not counted work. A floral border, a flower bouquet, a flower bouquet with a bird, and a framed landscape with a house. The designs hve been folded over.
Scans donated by Iva Innocenti, edited by Sytske Wijnsma.

M-CB004 J.&P.Coats-Clark’s – Nylon Book No. 286
Softcover stapled booklet, 16 pages including covers. Copyright 1952. Hand knits for everybody: C-102 Spencer, C-103 Polka Dot Pullover, C-104 Classic Cardigan, C-105 Boy’s Sleeveless Pullover, C-106 Man’s Pullover, C-107 Green Sacque and Cap (for baby), C-108 Orchid Jacket (for baby), C-109 Dolman Sleeve Cardigan (for baby), C-110 Helmet (for baby), C-111 Eyelet Cardigan (for baby), C-112 Bonnet, bootees and Mittens (infant size), C-113 Ribbed Socks, C-114 Pattern Socks, C-115 Striped Socks, C-116 Classic Socks, Directions for Completion of Socks.
Scans donated and edited by Clara Bruning

G-SR003 Small repeating squares
A piece of wool embroidery , simple design of rows of diamond squares, in six colors. Intended voor small items.
Image donated by ebay seller sallyrobson, charted by Sytske Wijnsma.



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