2023-05-17 New Publications: Knotted Stitch embroidery and Art Deco cross-stitch designs

NEW PUBLICATIONS N-YS002 Album de Broderie aux Points de Noeuds 20 pages not including covers. Patterns and explications about the use of knotted stitches in embroidery. Baby items such as baby bibs, baby shoes, baby cap, baptism robe, cradle cover, cradle sheet, cradle pillow cover, toddler aprons, ladies lingerie, collar, embroidered blouses, tea towels and […]

2023-05-08 New Publication: Moniteur des Dames & des Demoiselles – Swirls, flowers and ribbon

Due to technical problems, this post has been a bit delayed – my apologies! NEW PUBLICATION C-YS656 Moniteur des Dames et des Demoiselles – Corner design with yellow swirls and red flowers, border design with blue ribbon Single sheet, handpainted Berlin woolwork pattern. Supplement to the Moniteur des Dames et Demoiselles issue of March 1857. […]

2023-04-23 New Publication: Round embroidery design

NEW PUBLICATION I-LZ006 Round embroidery design Hand drawn round embroidery design. Could be partially Battenberg lace. From the collection of the Grassi Museum in Leipzig. Photographed by Enzo Lima, published with permission of the Grassi Museum in Leipzig. FUNDRAISING We are currently not actively soliciting donations. If you would like to help us, introducing the […]

2023-04-22 New Publication: Journal des Jeunes Personnes – Prayer chair top Jesus IHS

NEW PUBLICATION L-PC005 Journal des Jeunes Personnes – Prayer chair top Jesus IHS Single sheet, litho, dated 1er Septembre 1865. Chair top in kidney shape, central text Jesus in a crown of thorns, flanked with IHS in cartouches and surrounded with a blue/black border. Image donated by ebay seller planete-collections, edited and charted by Sytske […]