2023-10-15 Eighteen new publications

NEW PUBLICATIONS N-YS008 N. Alexandre & Cie. – Album de Broderie Danubienne 54 Small leporello with cross-stitch patterns in three colors. One alphabet, several border designs, a corner design saying Eggs and another saying Chestnuts, and a dragon motif. Seven pages instead of the usual eight. Some errors in the charts have been corrected. Donated, […]

2020-05-16 New Publication: Petit Echo de la Mode – Album 4 – Fables de La Fontaine

NEW PUBLICATIONS Go to https://www.antiquepatternlibrary.org to see this new publication. K-II007 Petit Echo de la Mode – Album 4 – Fables de la Fontaine 100 pages, including covers. As the title says, 48 designs each in filet and openwork embroidery, with scenes of the La Fontaine fables and the fairy tales by Perrault. Scans donated […]