2015 APL Three new publications 11-09-2015

After a somewhat unplanned hiatus in the publishing schedule, here we go again. Three new publications and it could have been more, but then I'd have been even later.


The first publication is the Corticelli Yarn Book no. 8. It was donated by Mary Craver, and has lain a while on the shelf, but here it is. I'll admit to less-than-perfect editing, and maybe I'll have time later to redo it - in, say, ten years.

It's mainly about knitting and crocheting, and of course Corticelli advertised its yarn and its superior qualities throughout the book. There's some lovely clothing items for the approaching winter. Thank you, Mary!

The second publication is a Berlin woolwork pattern, a floral border. Renko Kuperus scanned it for us, and Steven Stephan made a color chart and a symbol chart. Both charts and the scan are included in the one pdf. The original pattern has suffered quite a bit of paint loss and bleach spots, but the reconstruction makes it as good as new. You may have noticed that nearly every set of publications contains a Berlin pattern. That's because we still have lots of them. Renko did seven of them, so there's more to come.

The third publication is YES! A new Wolf Dupeyron album! It so happens that this was on sale around the end of 2013 and I missed it! After I found out that it had been on offer I approached the buyer, to see if we might have scans, or maybe buy the album itself. As you can see by the listing, the buyer turned out to be Iva Innocenti, who had donated items before and was quite willing to add this one to the stack. Thank you, Iva! I don't know if we would ever have found it otherwise! The editing was not easy, since the print quality of the album was less than what we're used to by Wolf Dupeyron. Page 5 occupied me for a week! But after editing it looks very well again. Still, if the original is ever offered for sale elsewhere, I'll take it in a second 😉


I've fallen behind on my reporting, so I can't tell you our yearly aim yet. Plesase remember: scan donations count, too! They save us room (for the books) money (for bhe buying and customs duties and believe me, those can bite), and time for scanning. So yes, dollars are welcome. And scans are welcome too.

In the meantime, don't hesitate to support us via Amazon Smile or by making a small donation 😉

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There's another idea I've been playing with off and on. Recently I acquired the entire set of The Berlin Woolwork Sampler by Darlene O'Steen, from The Needle's Prayse. (They haven't arrived yet, it's that recent.) I look forward to seeing what patterns are on that.

But of course we have many samplers ourselves, not just the patterns, but the samplers. I don't want to recreate somebody elses design, even if that design was made in 1799 - but suppose we can put together a new sampler with those old patterns and published that bit by bit, would anybody out there actually make it? Think back to that lovely lovely Berlin woolwork sampler that we only could show for one day, before we had to take it down - all beautiful small Berlin patterns. Right now we have so many of those that we could put together a completely different one with our own resources.

If I do that, and we make a page on the site for it, would anybody care to make that design so we can put up pictures of the actual work? The site will be modified a bit soon, so that the pictures that have already been submitted for several designs can find a home on the relevant page, and I'd love to see the results.

I myself might prefer a sampler with the designs from the 1500s, such as the Modelbucher that are in the musea and of which we have some reprints from the 19th century, but that's only because I can't fit many colors yarn in my handbag and so I prefer two colors in a design at the most.
It's just a thought.

Best wishes all, and enjoy this new set. It took long enough 😉


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