2015 APL: Three new publications on 2015-07-26

The first publication is a Berlin woolwork pattern. Iva Innocenti donated the scan, and Steven Stephan made a color chart and a symbol chart for it. Actually, the roses are only half of the donated pattern, but the other half is a bit more difficult to work out and it will follow later. Because Steven made two pdfs, one for the full image, and the other to print the symbol chart on A4 pages, there's two pdfs. I had to change the programming, or they'd been called PDF01 and PDF02 and you'd have to guess which is which

The second publication is not about embroidery at all. Maybe you noticed some architecture books cropping up here and there, well, this is one of them and there'll be more on occasion. Samuel Chamberlain drew cottages, gates, architectural details, and collected the drawings he made in France in a portfolio. I'll confess why I publish this now: I bought an original from 1928, for some USD 150, including shipping. And I see on ebay, and on other sites, modern reprints going for USD 120 or more, not including shipping. Now, if I buy a Dover reprint, I expect to pay substantially less than an original. If the modern reprints are offered for a higher price than I myself paid for an original, I get the urge to give those buyers at least a chance on getting that information for a reasonable price. That that price is zero, in line with our charitable aims, should only make it more attractive. And maybe with that alternative on offer, the reprint prices may fall to a reasonable level.

Now, what can you as needleworker do with these prints? Beyond line embroidery, I'm afraid not much. But if you draw, or design, they may provide you with some lovely examples. Some houses would show off on home made New Year cards, those showing snow and winter and cosy cottages. If anybody has other ideas, let me know?

The third one is from 1893. The Magasin des Demoiselles issued each month a single leaf called Album de Broderie. Twelve of those leaves were sold together. Single leaf may be a bit deceptive, since the size of the leaf is approximately A2. It's from our own collection and Judith edited it to perfection. All embroidery.

I added detail pages to a Coats and Clarks booklet: Flower Doilies 64 (that's www.antiquepatternlibrary.org/html/warm/B-JA078.htm).

Now, about our WANTED list: I asked for people to point me to the missing books of Odette du Puigaudeau. That request did not fall on deaf ears. Thank you, all, for your suggestions. The result is that Iva Innocenti (donor of the rose border) has all the books we miss in her collection and will scan them for us. And also the Adele della Porta books that I have been looking for so earnestly. Thank you, thank you, Iva! You saved us hundreds of dollars!

Mary Corbet wrote a nice piece about the Library, resulting in a huge upswing in interest. We also got more donations this week, thanks to the increased attention. Which is a good thing, say I softly. In September we'll make up the then state of our finances, and I'll start reporting weekly again about our situation.


In the meantime, don't hesitate to support us via Amazon Smile or by making a small donation 😉

And as I mentioned before, scan donations count, too!

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Enjoy this new set. 

Best wishes all,


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