2017-01-20 Six new publications uploaded!



We published 123 items with a total book value of USD 9725.

We received 295 items with a total book value of USD 26425. Notable donors: the Museum of New Zealand Te Papa Tongarewa gave permission to use all their Berlin woolwork patterns. In return we identified from four of their executed embroideries the original patterns, either in their own possession or elsewhere available. The Rijksmuseum in Amsterdam gave permission to visit anytime, photograph everything we want from their library, and publish that. Franciska and I went and photographed all plates from Penelope, a womans magazine published 1821-1830. My back door neighbour, a former needlework teacher, contributed her collection of crochet magazines, some 70 items. And another forum member donated a USB stick with her collection of crochet books. All in all, the crocheters will have nothing to complain of the coming year.

Our current backlog value is 16700 USD. We also have at least 1739 items in reserve, that have not been donated yet, either because the donor donated such a large number that we’d have to publish nothing else for the year, or because we don’t see a feasible way yet of editing that amount, or because we have many similar items published recently.

The backlog of our backlog, items not yet entered in the database, is unknown. We are working on it, a box at a time.

The 2016 fundraising effort from September to December brought in 4089 USD. Notable donor was **** I know who, but am not going to post names ***, who contributed 800 USD on her own.

Acquisitions: Private book acquisitions have been minimal, since my current income does not allow much spending anymore. Notable acquisition: I did buy the entire set of Penelope (mentioned earlier) on an auction end November. The title has been offered on marelibri and various other sites for prices varying from 12000 EUR to 8000 USD (too expensive for me) and both the Rijksmuseum and the Royal Library in The Hague have copies. This set was property of an antiquarian who died suddenly last year, and his heirs had the entire inventory auctioned. It had been offered earlier twice, for 6K and 4K and not been sold, and one antiquarian who was on the lookout for them at my request, went with me to the third auction and we got it for 3500 EUR, including the auction costs and several other books. I have to pay the money back to my partner before I can buy another book. This set cannot be scanned easily, because the books are very tightly bound. I’ll have to consult a bookbinder about that.

Site: The site is still www.antiquepatternlibrary.org, plain HTML only with one search page that has a script. Evie / Yvonne DeBandi is working on a new site, that will handle the downloads via a shopping cart (we’ll call it library card) so that if we have to sell publications in order to cover the costs of acquisition and editing, we’ll be in good shape to do so. The site is currently at the testing stage with a few publications only. The database conversion has yet to take place, as well as extensive testing.

After the fundraising closed, some donations still came in. Those are not included in the total.


In the past few years, we’ve had major donations from the other projects of New Media Arts Inc. Those will not be continued in 2017 and further. We will therefore face a few lean years, unless and until we can get funding from elsewhere, preferably grants.

This will also mean we cannot hire image editors, as we did last year (and fortunately their output has not all been published yet), and our progress on the new APL site will at best be limited. Also, all the work that we can do ourselves we will have to handle ourselves. That  will cut into the available time for editing and publishing as well.

The result of the past fundraising effort will be entirely invested in the Antique Pattern Library project, as promised. As is, we have enough funds for the state filings to keep our nonprofit status for this year and if necessary, we’ll scrape the money together for the years after. However, starting from 2017 we cannot match your donated money 2:1 anymore.  And also, the publication speed which had picked up considerably recently, will probably fall again to the lower speeds you knew from earlier.


Enough of the somber outlook, on to the goodies!

NEW PUBLICATIONS on http://www.antiquepatternlibrary.org/html/warm/news.htm

G-GT002 French Art-Deco Beaded Purse



Art Deco bag from France, metallic beads, fringe, gold colored clasp and chain, beads in silver, gold, and black. Images donated by ebay seller gattika.

F-VY034 Berlin Woolwork Sampler Fragments



Four small fragments with sample pieces of Berlin woolwork. The chart combines the patterns. The yarn used shows the same colors in different pieces, it’s possible that this actually was one woolwork sampler, although now we cannot say what it looked like, of course. Images donated by ebay seller vanye90.

F-WC004 EDM Slipper in beads and raised Berlin wool



Expressly designed for The Englishwomans Domestic Magazine. No designer mentioned. Slipper design in blue with bold white and red diamonds. Images donated by ebay seller whirlycat.

C-YS460 Les Tapisseries Coptes




153 illustrative plates of Coptic design, some in color. Apparently the colored plates were hand-colored; this copy shows partially colored plates as well. Comparision with another original on the Internet Archive and a Dover reprint shows that their colored plates contain the colors in this APL copy, and more.

A-MH037 Dragon in foliage



Square embroidery pattern of flowers and leaves, in the center a small dragon figure, emphasized by a black outline. From the collection of Marleen van Horssen.

E-WM098 Embroidery and Fancywork Book of Materials



Catalog of embroidery and fancywork material and tools. Published by Needlecraft Magazine, Augusta, Maine, around 1920. Donated by Charles Kite, from the collection of his grandmother Folva Miller.


Donate now to support the Antique Pattern Library project to pay for such things as database and website development, web hosting costs, data entry, scanning equipment, and help us meet the public funding ratio, which allows us to keep our nonprofit status, making your donations tax-deductible, depending on where you live and on the local tax laws and tax treaties.

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On the other hand, we are looking for people who can afford a one-time larger donation to support our goals for the coming year, which will cost us some money.It will help speed up our publication rate, and make more time available for the actual library work, which is sadly suffering, because we as Board members have to spend more time than we like on bookkeeping and IRS compliance and stuff like that. Necessary, but it cuts into the time we have for the Library. Your donations will help us hire help for the elementary tasks and for editing.

If you can’t afford to give anything, which also happens in these difficult times, introducing the Library to people who don’t know of it yet, is very useful, since it broadens our user base and therefore our donor base.

Anything you donate for the Library, goes to the Library. If you don’t mind it going to cover our overhead, mark your donation to NMA General. To give you an idea of what your donation would do: USD 10 pays for our hosting costs for a month (at the moment) or an hour of administrative assistance. USD 50 allows us to take one of our RESERVE publications and release it for publication. USD 100 pays for 1TB backup for the scans and edited files. (Currently we have 5 TB data.) Larger donations in the past have paid for fast A3 scanners, website help, and hours of editing, as well as a start with putting our Library records online in a way that they will show up in professional library searches.

Thank you all, and enjoy the new and old treasures!

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