2017-02-01 Five new publications in the Antique Pattern Library

NEW PUBLICATIONS on http://www.antiquepatternlibrary.org/html/warm/news.htm



H-AB001 J. Feller – Musterbuch Einfache Schmiede-Arbeiten



Hardcover folder with 100 images of simple ironwork, suitable for urban and rural use. Incomplete; nearly half of the images are missing. Actually the folder cover is black on very dark grey, so the color of the cover is not realistic. The white background on the images is probably the original color, but the plates were in bad condition, with holes and some designs obscured here and there.
Scanned by permission of Arnout Bosch.



H-RD001 Modelboek Schrijf- Model- en Kunstletters



Hardcover oblong, 16.4 x 25 cm, 21 alphabets and 4 pages with examples of practical use. No author mentioned. Publisher D.B. & M.- R. No. 2330 Around 1920 (style and spelling).
Permission to scan donated by Roderick Habchi. Simple and stylish letters, the design looks quite modern even though they are now around a century old. According to the title, the letters were meant to be written, not printed.


C-YS391 P. Moser – Sammlung Effecten Maschinestickerei



53 pages with designs for machine embroidery, with some handwritten notes. No explanation for interpretation of the designs. Each page is headed Ostschweizerische Stickfachschulen, Lehrgang fur die Wanderkurse. Apparently these designs were used for embroidery courses given in various places in Switzerland. Scans donated by Nettie Kraaij.


G-HD007 American Thread Company – New Table Designs



Various table runners, placemats, tablecloths, and complete sets for the table. Mostly crochet, some applique. Scans donated by Hillie Dijkstra, edited by Yvonne DeBandi.



H-JG003 Sajou – Slipper November 1858



Handpainted pattern for a slipper top, red berries and green leaves on a black background. Pattern by Sajou, supplement of the Journal des Dames et des Demoiselles, November 1858. Image donated by Diny and Jacques Gerards.


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