2020-06-23 New Publications: Summer embroidery pattern, and a Workbasket

Go to https://www.antiquepatternlibrary.org to see these new publications.

J-FR013 La Mode Illustree 1903-11-18 – Summer
A tall narrow embroidery pattern showing the personification of Summer. Chart only; we don’t have permission to reproduce the original pattern. The chart is split in three for easier readability.
Charted by Franciska Ruessink.

H-ML098 The Workbasket Vol. 9 No. 8
8 pages, page 4 and 5 combined to one. Crochet: crocheted pillbox, crocheted gilet. Quilting: Great Circle Quilt. Various household tips.
Scans donated by M. Leigh Martin, edited by Sytske Wijnsma. Published with kind permission of F+W Media, the current copyright holder.

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