2023-04-22 New Publication: Journal des Jeunes Personnes – Prayer chair top Jesus IHS


L-PC005 Journal des Jeunes Personnes – Prayer chair top Jesus IHS
Single sheet, litho, dated 1er Septembre 1865. Chair top in kidney shape, central text Jesus in a crown of thorns, flanked with IHS in cartouches and surrounded with a blue/black border.
Image donated by ebay seller planete-collections, edited and charted by Sytske Wijnsma


F-YS003 Henri Carot – Dessins de Vitrerie
Designs for stained glass, 132 abstract allover patterns for stained glass. Some might be very difficult to execute in glass and are more likely intended as design for grilles. Most can be used as patchwork patterns as well.
Scans donated by Seya Wijnsma-Spek, edited by Sytske Wijnsma.



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