2023-08-16 New Publications: Grape Panholders, a prayer chair seat pattern, and Star Book 100 Edgings


M-AW004 Corn and Grape Panholders
Singe sheet, one side printed, unknown publisher. Pattern for crocheted panholders, one in the shape of a bunch of grapes, the other in the shape of a corn cob.
Scan donated and edited by Alex Welch.

L-PC006 Journal des Jeunes Personnes – Prayer chair seat with cross and IHS
Single sheet, litho. Chair seat with rounded corners, central cross design, surrounded by IHS in cartouches, and a blue/black border.
Image donated by ebay seller planete-collections, edited and charted by Sytske Wijnsma

C-JG001 Star Book of 100 Edgings Crocheted- Tatted – Knitted – Book 18
Edgings for handkerchiefs and such, made by various techniques. It must have been quite a popular book at its time, because it is still frequently on offer online. Designs by Cecilia Vanek.
Scans donated by Jean Sands, edited by Judith Adele.


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