2023-12-10 New Publications: Table settings, a beaded bag, and an embroidered dragon between flowers


N-HW003 Den Haan & Wagenmakers – Beaded bag No. 1
Pattern for a knitted bag with beading, also suitable for cross-stitch. A parrot sitting on a fence looking down at a dog. The top of the bag has a floral border which can be used independently. The bottom of the bag is a floral design with three red flowers, and blue leaves on a lighter blue background.
The middle pattern has an error; the pillar behind the dogs tail does not run all the way to the bottom. Also, the mountain in the background is cut off rather abruptly. Probably this is an adaption of a larger pattern, that has been cropped to suit the dimensions of the bag.
From the Collection DHW, “35 Breipatronen van antieke kralentassen”, published with permission of Wim Wagenmakers en Rudolf den Haan, edited and charted by Sytske Wijnsma.

J-PA050 Spool Cotton Company – Modern Table Settings Book 80
32 pages of crocheted tablecloths, table mats, breakfast and luncheon sets. Some items consist of smaller elements that would be equally suitable for bedspreads. The patterns are Star Wheel Table Cloth No. 744-H and No. 744, Empire Medallion Tea Cloth No. 741, Sundial Tray Mat No. 7021, Italian Table Mats No. 71, The King Cedric Dinner Cloth No. 729, Block Mat Breakfast Set No. 712, Field of Daisies Luncheon Set No. 719, Colony Club No. 715, The English Daisy Luncheon Set No. 747, Lacet Table Runner No. 7001, Empire Luncheon Set No. 794, Peasant Table Mats No. 70, Gazelle Luncheon Set No. 781, Festival No. 7003, Diamond Luncheon Set No. 7006, Checkmate Tray Mat No. 7019, Petal Luncheon Set No. 721, Flower Filet Luncheon Set No. 222, The Mayfair Dinner Set No. 742.
From the collection of Iva Rose Reproductions, scanned by Nettie Kraaij, edited by Sytske Wijnsma.

A-MH165 Musée des Ouvrages de Dames – Dragon and flowers border
Printed pattern on cream paper. Pattern is printed horizontally, but should be used vertically. A small dragon among flowers and leaves. Some printing errors: colors overlap where they shouldn’t, left and right of pattern don’t match, several areas left unprinted or printed with the wrong colors. The chart is corrected as far as possible.
From the collection of Marleen van Horssen, edited and charted by Sytske Wijnsma.

A-MH164 Magasin des Demoiselles – Border and repeating pattern
Two different patterns on a single sheet. The top is a border pattern in black, blue, red and gold, width 51 stitches. The bottom is a repeating pattern (a bit extended in the chart), in the same color palette. Some small printing errors have been corrected.
From the collection of Marleen van Horssen, edited and charted by Sytske Wijnsma



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