2023-12-15 New Publications: Crocheted gifts, a round cross-stitch or tapisserie pattern, and a tape lace / soutache / applique design


J-PA276 Frances A. Harris – Clark’s O.N.T. Designs for Gifts
Softcover stapled booklet, 24 pages including covers, dated 1920. Mostly small crocheted items. Some require additional sewing such as caps, yokes, and cozies.Charts for the filet crochet patterns. The patterns are Alphabets, Butterfly Cap and Yoke, Cleopatra Bedspread and Pillow Scarf, Cosmos Bedspread and Pillow, Egg Cozy, Fichu, Gentleman’s Scarf, Luncheon Set, Maid O’ the Mist Bag, Monograms, Moss Rose Designs Collar and Laces, Motor Veil, Night Gown Case, Puff Ball, Rosalie Cap and Yoke, Rosebud Pattern Yoke, Tea Cozy, Vanity Case, Venetian Dresser Scarf, Scarf
From the collection of Iva Rose Reproductions, scanned by Nettie Kraaij, edited by Sytske Wijnsma.

A-MH130 Journal des Demoiselles – Round red design
Round pattern in shades of red, with yellow and black border and details in brown and green. Printed on cream paper, bad quality printing with many errors. Pattern has been corrected as far as possible. Large pattern, possibly suitable for rug or tablecloth.
From the collection of Marleen van Horssen, edited and charted by Sytske Wijnsma.

A-MH116 Journal des Demoiselles – Quart pattern in soutache embroidery and tape lace
Square pattern of gold tape and cord and black applique on a blue background. The pattern was slightly embossed and the colors and paper were darkened. Two images are shown, one the pattern as published, and the other a complete design.
From the collection of Marleen van Horssen, edited by Sytske Wijnsma



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