2024-02-02 New Publications: Practical Drawn Thread, Needlecraft Tatting, and two embroidery patterns


M-TH006 Berlin woolwork fragment – Single red flower
Fragment of a Berlin woolwork pattern, handpainted on grey cardboard, cut out without including maker or number. Design of a single red flower, possibly a poppy.
Image donated by an ebay seller who would prefer to be anonymous, edited and charted by Sytske Wijnsma.

K-WK003 Weldon’s Practical Drawn Thread Work (First Series). 34 Designs
16 pages, stapled softcover. Monthly publication. This issue: Border in Point de Reprise, Chequered Insertion, Corner and Insertion in Spike Stitch, &c., Double Crossing, Diagonal Threads, Filigree Stitch, Hem Stitches, Insertion of Cross and Spike Stitches, Insertion of Hem and Cross Stitches, Insertin of Double Herringbone Stitches, Insertion of Drawn Threads, Insertion for a Toilet Cover, Method of Hem-Stitching, Method of Confining Drawn Threads in Faggots with Punto Tirato Knot, Method of Drawing out Threads, Method of Working a Corner, Method of Cutting out Threads, Open Hem-Stitch Insertion, Open Buttonhole Stitch, Point d’Esprit, Point Tire, Rosette Border, Single Crossing, Trellis Insertion, Tray Cloth.
From the collection of Iva Rose Reproduction. Scanned by Willem Kraaij, edited by Sytske Wijnsma.

C-YS400 Needlecraft Practical Journal – No. 99 First Tatting Series
Stapled softcover, 16 pages including covers. A descriptive and Illustrative journal for teaching the practical working of Tatting: The elementary Stitches, Simple Patterns, Use of Two Shuttles, Large Articles, Tatting Applique, etc., etc. Published during WW1 based on the advertisements that encourage ladies to buy British only and not items that might be sold by the enemy. Contains the following patterns: Erin pattern, Rose Border for Handkerchief, Peter Pan Collar, End for Neck Tie, Peacock Lace, Dalymic Lace for Handkerchief Borders, Decoration for Blotter or Book Cover, Waist Band, Dahlia Pattern, Medaillion Pattern, Tatted Plastron and Cuffs, Yoke for Evening Bodice, D’Oyley Border in Irish Tatting, Motif Suitable for Edging, Spray for Linen or Canvas, Square Medallion, Circular Medallion, Tatting Embroidery for Linen Blouse Collar, Tatted Stock Collar
Scanned by Nettie Kraaij, edited by Sytske Wijnsma. Transferred to Textile Research Center 2024-01-30.

A-MH162 Magasin des Demoiselles – Bande pour chaises, fauteuils, encadrements de rideaux et de portieres
Single sheet, printed pattern on cream paper. Repeating design of green leaves on a vine with a blue-green background, between two bands of twisted multicolored cord in a gold background. Suitable for chairs and door and window treatments. On canvas no. 24 the border width would be 18cm, so this is likely a central stripe on chair seats and backs.
From the collection of Marleen van Horssen, edited and charted by Sytske Wijnsma.




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